Dec 052015

So this is my 4th and final weekly update. I wanted to share this first four weeks of coming back for a few reason. One was to share my thoughts on designing a training program. Another was to just put myself out there so I have more reason to stick with the program in getting back into training. Last but not least was sharing the struggles of getting back into a routine. Everyone is going to have challenges but the main thing is to keep at it and work through it as the rewards will be worth it.

For me when I first started resistance training I had no expectations at all so I think it was easier mentally versus now. I know what I was capable of doing before my break so I put extra pressure on myself and it was a bit disappointing to see how much strength I have lost. Getting sick also threw a monkey wrench into things. Last week I only was able to train one day and this week I only got my two strength days in. Not exactly the roaring start I had hoped for but hey it’s progress and I will take it.

One of my favorite Canadian Pro Bodybuilders is Jeff Nippard and he just came out with a video explaining “Why “BRO” Splits are Good for Bodybuilding” and I think I am going to give this a try starting next week. It’s difficult to keep the intensity up and splitting up my training a bit more should give me more time to recover and make training more enjoyable.

Anyway that’s how my first 4 weeks of training went and I will let you know how I make out following Jeff’s 5 day split in the new year.

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  1. Hi VG,

    I don’t agree with everything he says about frequency but one thing I can tell you is that when you train with true intensity doing one body part per day there is no room for frequency as you just don’t have the energy and your CNS hasn’t recovered enough to be able to do more. But the key with one body part/day is real intensity, that means training to positive failure on all sets. If you do this properly you will struggle to keep the intensity up every day.
    The good thing about this style of training is that it is extremely Anabolic and it really fires up the protein synthesis.
    My programme is: Monday-chest. Tuesday-back. Wednesday-arms+abs. Thursday-shoulders. Friday-legs. The exercises have to be done in this order or a mirror image ie, flipping the week. When you do chest your tris get a good w/out. When you do back your bis also get worked as do your legs due to the deadlifts. So with this style of training frequency is actually there but that really depends on how much effort you put into the intensity.
    All the same, it’s great to see you back! You just need to remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither was Arnie.

    Good luck, Graham.

    • Hey Graham some really good insight!

      Looking back at the first couple of times I did resistance training I did the typical bro split like your program and I had remarkable gains both times and I got away from that due to all the research that says frequency is key however I do feel people respond differently to different training protocols so its important to find out what works best for you. Scientific research is always about the average of a bunch of people so I think going back to this type of training for at least a few months and seeing how I respond is worth it.

      I also think that as we get older the ability to recover decreases so that is also another reason I think trying this is worth while. The other factor is if you enjoy your training you will stick to it better and look forward to your training everyday. I believe Jeff also talked about how you still get some frequency training a bro split since training deadlifts on back day still works the legs to a certain extent and leg day works the back in a similar fashion, etc so you are still stimulating the muscles more than once a week just like you said.

      Rome certainly was not built in a day and I have two years to just focus on building so very excited about what kind of changes I can make to my physique.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. How are you not embarrassed to put those costume pics on your site? Holy crap.

    • Why should I be embarrassed?

      Doing my barbarian photoshoot at the end of my 2014 contest season was a huge highlight for me paying tribute to Arnold who originally got me inspired to become a bodybuilder after seeing Conan the Barbarian. It’s something I am very proud of and a big part of my story and hence why it’s on my “personal” blog site.

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