Welcome 2020

This time last year the road forward was very daunting and looked almost impossible. I only posted 9 times over the entire year. This is my lowest post count by far since starting my blog. My focus has been on getting to a place were I love training again. I can honestly say I succeeded in not only in getting back to loving training but putting myself where I needed to be to get on stage in 2020.

In October I wrote a post called Finding my Zen which sums up how the year went and what I discovered about myself. I am very happy with who I am and where I am at in my life. There is no longer a need to prove myself to others, only myself. That said I do want to continue to share my love of bodybuilding with you. Part of that will be sharing my journey of getting back on stage this year. This was the reason I started Vanguard Bodybuilding in 2012.

All bodybuilders want to beat how they looked the last time they competed. That is the inner challange that drives us all to improve year after year. This is my goal for 2020 as well, I want to beat how I looked in 2014

In 2019 I started the year with doubt and what I felt was a huge mountain to climb. This year I am starting the year off with optimism as I look forward to bringing my best to the stage in May at the age of 55!

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