When Science and Real World Collide, It’s a GAINZGASM!

This article by Marc Lobliner is very similar to an earlier blog post I did on bro’s and science called Finding Truth in Bodybuilding. By combining both science and real world experience you get the best results. Great article Marc and I agree 100%!

The industry seems to be flooded with nerds. I am talking the nerds who know everything in theory but fail when it comes to application. Basically, this is about either overfat or undersized twerps criticizing what the “bros”, or accomplished bodybuilders who actually look like they fucking lift do to achieve their amazing shape, condition and size. This is the problem. We have the non-science bros that could give a fuck about what is done in the lab and/or lack the literacy to read the data and then we have the nerds who love to sit in their mom’s house and criticize people who actually DO and not just VIEW success, but lack the ability to come off of their mom’s tit for long enough to eat proper macros and lift heavy ass weights. This is where we combine the two and selectively breed the “MASTER-GAINZ RACE”

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