Why Can’t I Lose Weight On The Paleo Diet?

Another excellent article by Christian Finn at Muscle Evo which explains that regardless of the macronutrient composition of your diet you still need to consume less calories than your body needs in order to lose weight.

Why can’t I lose weight on the paleo diet?

That’s a question I got from one Muscle Evo reader yesterday.

This was my response.

If weight loss is your main goal, there’s not too much wrong with the foods that are typically recommended on the paleo diet – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and so on – as well as a focus on eating less carbohydrate.

Some of the endless debates about the foods you’re not “allowed” to eat does get a little tedious, but the basics of the diet are sound.

There was a study done a few years back that compared the paleo diet (defined as a diet based on lean meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as the exclusion of dairy products, cereals, rice, beans, sugar, bakery products, soft drinks and beer) with the Mediterranean diet (defined as a diet based on whole-grain cereals, low-fat dairy products, potatoes, legumes, vegetables, fruit and fatty fish) [1].

With a few exceptions (nuts, olive/rapeseed oil, potatoes and eggs) subjects in the paleo group were not told explicitly to restrict their intake of any food. Despite this, they ended up eating fewer calories than their counterparts on the Mediterranean Diet.

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