Why “Chest Up” in the Squat is Wrong

This is the first of a three part series by Chris Duffin over at EliteFTS. If your goal is to squat more you need to check this out!

The importance of integrating the thoracic spine into your core stabilization is often overlooked or coached incorrectly. I am going to cover multiple aspects of T-Spine position in the squat, with multiple videos. If you have T-Spine extension while squatting, you have the opportunity to put 10-15 percent on top of your current max squat by correcting it. It is more than just not extending at the T-Spine, however. You must learn to cue the muscles responsible for pulling the T-Spine into position which will integrate this deep spinal stabilization with proper breathing and pressurization strategies. I cover these strategies here, if you are not familiar with them.

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