Why Do Male Gymnasts Have Such Big Arms?

Interesting article from Muscle Evo and Christian Finn.

gymnast-muscleYou’ve seen pictures of gymnasts with huge arms.

You’ve also heard that those arms were built without any direct arm work – curls, pressdowns and so on.

Now you’re wondering if you should be doing the same thing. If you want bigger arms, is training like a gymnast the best way to do it?

You probably know already that some of the bodyweight exercises performed by gymnasts – dips, pull-ups, push-ups and so on – work the arms very hard.

Even during a movement like the double-leg circle on the pommel horse, where the elbows are straight the whole time, the biceps and triceps are working continuously to stabilize and support the body [2].

However, none of this means that you can expect the same results simply by doing the same exercises.

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