Why Long Workouts Won’t Cost You Gains

New article by Layne Norton, PhD over at Bodybuilding.com on why workouts lasting more then an hour will not hurt your gains.

You may have heard about the perils of stretching your workouts beyond the one-hour mark for fear of becoming “catabolic.” Here’s why you shouldn’t let this old bodybuilding legend guide you!

One of the (many) accepted “truths” of bodybuilding I’ve always had a problem with is the notion that if you train for more than an hour, you will become catabolic due to increases in the hormone cortisol. To hear some people describe it, there’s a massive reservoir of a toxic gains-melting substance hidden away in your body, attached to a ticking clock like a time bomb.

I understand where people who propagate this idea are coming from, and it’s logical at first glance. Bodybuilders want to avoid cortisol at all costs because it’s catabolic, right? While this seems very simple, the truth of the matter is actually much more complex.

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