Why Natural Bodybuilders Are Killing Natural Bodybuilding

I have been seeing more and more people on YouTube and forums so quick to jump to the the conclusion that top natural bodybuilders are fake natties. It really saddens me when I see this crap because they talk with such certainty and conviction you would think they had personally seen the person use and yet they have never even met them or even know them and its hurting natural bodybuilding. Skip La Cour wrote an excellent article on this that I wanted to share, I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think anything good comes out of this behavior of accusing anyone who looks better than you of not being natural?

casual_6-300x210Natural bodybuilding is a sport in which the majority of our competitors will remain trapped under a “ceiling” that seemingly determines how much development they can achieve. Many natural bodybuilders are attacking anyone whom they even think might be taking drugs – whether that alleged use is in the present or in the past.

I believe this comes primarily out of the natural bodybuilder’s need to feel significant, special, or important. We all need to feel this way as humans – no matter how humble you think you are. The key distinction between a winner and loser is how they act upon this need.

Before natural bodybuilders were featured in national magazines, the majority of drug-free bodybuilders did feel special – no matter what level of development they had achieved. If someone was bigger, they just rationalized that the other person was on drugs and they weren’t. That was the only reason – therefore they still felt really special. “Well, I’m drug free and he isn’t,” they always reasoned. No facts were necessary here or requested. They could always look at themselves as “big fish in little ponds.”

Surely the inferiority had nothing to do with genetics, years of training, knowledge, work ethic, nutrition, training, or supplements. If their inferiority were due to these factors, then they would no longer be so special. People will hold fiercely onto the identity they have of themselves. The easy way to feel special is to tear down your rivals – not work harder. All you have to do is move your mouth!

When a competitive natural bodybuilder achieves outstanding muscle mass, balance, or conditioning, that competitor is immediately questioned if he is truly drug free by at least half of his audience and peers. I can’t tell you how many contests I’ve been to where the fans leave muttering amongst themselves, “There is no way that guy was drug free!,” or “Even if he is really drug free now, which I seriously doubt, I know he took drugs in the past! Even though my little Bobby only placed 6th, he’s drug free for life!” Look mom, you are not making little Bobby a better bodybuilder by providing him with excuses!

But these doubters go much farther than just complaining after a contest. They express their opinions with absolute certainty to everyone who will listen. They write letters to the magazines. They complain to contest promoters of the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships and other drug-free bodybuilding contests.

Let me ask you a question: If you had your major dollars invested in an ambitious project like cleaning up the competitive sport of bodybuilding, but received a ton of negative comments, how long would you persist?

– See more at: http://skiplacour.com/why-natural-bodybuilders-are-killing-competitive-natural-bodybuilding

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