An in-depth article by Andrew Millett over at Dr. John Rusin website on why people need to deadlift differently based on a variety of factors.

Here’s What You Need To Know…

1. Not everyone is built the same, has the same past injury history, the same skill level and movement competence or has the same goals. So why would everyone deadlift the same way?

2. Appreciating and measuring the differences in ankle, hip and spinal structure, mobility, motor control and function is the first step in programming the perfect deadlift variation for any client. Stop arbitrarily force feeding one variation over another without the data to back it up.

3. If you want to protect your clients and athletes, assess before you program. Use these assessment tools to gain objective data on mobility and functionality that directly effect the deadlift movement pattern.

4. Many people will NOT present with the mobility, stability and motor control to deadlift conventionally with the barbell. Use these ankle, hip and spinal drills to improve movement and function.

5. Chose the correct deadlift variation based on your assessment and findings, and prioritize cleaning up the limiting factors holding back the deadlift from becoming a long term pain-free staple loaded movement.

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