2020 Contest Prep Officially Over

With the recent events around the COVID-19 virus the WNBF Canada Springs shows have been cancelled. As a result I have made the choice to officially end my 2020 contest prep. I am currently at a body weight of 183 lbs. They do have plans to add new fall shows in September October. Being only 3 pounds over my lowest weight from my 2014 shows that is far too long to sustain.

This especially true when you consider I started dieting 50 weeks ago and I have lost 37 lbs. I had a 3 month maintenance phase the last three months of 2019 maintaining 195 lbs before starting contest prep for 2020. So for now things are temporarily closed for construction.

By choosing to stop now I can spend the next 10 months not dieting and building muscle with the goal of being in the low 190’s by the end of the year and in a great spot to start contest prep for 2021. Doing this will allow me to enjoy my summer and eat a bit more food. I plan to go out to Vancouver Island and spend a couple weeks visiting my dad and riding my motorcycle in August if things are back to normal by then.

2020 Contest Prep Review

Despite not getting to compete on stage this year my contest prep went really well. To be honest I was thinking that this was probably going to be my last one. However this time around I did not have any of the issues like I had in my 2014 prep. I have been sleeping 7 + hours every night and I was not irritable and over all this has been an amazing prep. Now I feel I can do this for many more years to come.

I got lean enough to show I have added some decent muscle since I last competed. Very happy with how I look. I think to be successful in natural bodybuilding you have to develop good consistent habits. This proves I have them in place. When I do get to step on stage next year I will be my best ever.

I have fallen in love again with training. I truly do it for me and even when things got stressful I found comfort in having control of my training and diet. This is a big win as my training in the past has been side lined a few times over the years do to life stresses outside of the gym. So many positives from the last couple of years.

I want to thank those of you who have followed my contest prep. Thanks to my amazing coach Alberto Nunez of 3DMJ. Last but not least a very special thank you to my wife Christina for being so support of me! Looking forward to 2021!

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  • Dean, sorry to hear that your show got canceled. But glad your prep went so well this year, and you’re really enjoying training again! You’ll be even better in 2021.

    Isn’t it a great time to have a home gym! Crazy days all around us, but no worries about gym closures for us!


    • Hi Larry,

      Yeah a bit disappointing but just gives me more time to build and yes having a home gym right now is pretty sweet. Hope you and your family are staying safe.


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