Nov 212015

I have had several people over the years suggest yoga to me, I always just smiled and nodded at the suggestion. However given the fact that I identified that I was suffering from insufficient hip mobility, tight hip flexors and tight lower back that perhaps it was time to give yoga a try. So I did a search for Yoga for Bodybuilding and came across a Youtube Channel called Yoga with Kassandra where she had a video specically for Weightlifters, Powerlifters, and Bodybuilding.

Attempting to do this routine quickly made me realize how inflexible I have become over the years and this was an area that I had neglected and need to work on. I also realized that this was simply to advanced for me atm so I checked out some of her other video’s. Kassandra has a wide assortment of routines available on her channel so if you are interested in Yoga I would suggest checking them out. I did find a video called Yoga for Beginners Flexibility & Strength – Simple Easy Yoga for Beginners.

Even this video is very challenging for me but its been highly effective in helping my lower back feel better and I plan on continuing doing this routine 3 times a week until such time as I can start doing the Bodybuilding routine I first tried. I have only just started but I think Yoga is a good fit for me as it helps with stress, breathing and flexibility and ultimately I think this will help me be a better bodybuilder. My only regret is not being more open minded about Yoga and giving this a try sooner.

Oh one last thing, Kassandra offer a course Yoga for Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding here. Once I get more advanced this will certainly be something I buy as I want to improve my knowledge in this area and support Kassandra.

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