Your Challenges Are the Same as All Great Achievers

I wanted to share this facebook post by Skip La Cour as I think it does a great job of describing what it takes to reach an extraordinary goal.

When you are striving to reach an extraordinary goal, you should enthusiastically be prepared to pay an extraordinary price.

You should EXPECT that the mental and emotional durability required in achieving your dreams will be at least five greater than you originally thought; take at least five times longer than you originally thought; be at least five times more difficult than you originally thought, and be at least five times more expensive than you originally thought. That’s just the way life works. Those who have been persistent enough to become successful already know these unavoidable truths.

Not fully realizing how challenging accomplishing an ambitious goal will be is blessing I call “Naive Empowerment.” How many times have you heard successful people say “If I knew all of the challenges I was going to face, I probably would have never tried”? But they are always glad they did. Once they started their journey, they were too tenacious to let the challenges stop them.

Whether you realize it or not, anyone who has ever achieved anything of any of significance has paid an enormous price for it. When you are doing what you truly love to do and firmly embrace it as your mission, you will gladly pay the price. There won’t be anything else you’d rather be doing with your emotion, energy, time, and money.

So, you are engaged in a difficult, seemingly endless battle to reach your goals? RELAX! There’s nothing necessarily wrong with you. You are in very good company!

In fact, you are going through what everyone who has “made it” has gone through during his or her journey to success.

Train Hard. Think Big.


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